Wünder Boys

from by Mitchell Lawler

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin "Dunna" McDonough at Resonate Music School & Studio. Original is "Roc Boys" be Jay-Z. No copyright infringement intended, this for promotional uses only.


Wunder Boys at the party tonight
Oh what a feelin', I'm feelin' nice
We downin' some shots then we on to beer pong
Then when you lose you hit the beer bong
Yeah here comes the liquor, it's overflowing dude
You better drink quicker or you're not getting screwed
Now you feelin' funny it's time to get rowdy
Oh so proudly we bumpin' so loudly
The party's gettin' crazy, we gettin' blacked out
I almost feel bad for the owner this house
Wunder boys at the table tonight
Yeah we flyin' high cause we brothers, Wright?
With one cup left and the shot looks tight
With the ball in my hand and I'm poised to strike
Do you think you're better? I'm the beer pong expert
I down 'em and hit these shots with no effort
Bounce shot drink two cups, don't face me
Don't make those stupid faces they just don't phase me
You didn't hit one cup, why go for redemption?
Looks like you're streaking nope, no exception
Wunder Boys yeah we drunk tonight
So pass another can of that Keystone Lite
Yo poke a hole here so we can shotgun
You with us now so for sure it's all fun
Who chugs the fastest? Who drinks the most?
I know this is beer but let's make a toast
Wunder Boys gettin' gone tonight
If drinkin' is a battle then I'm losing the fight
So much beer that my vision's all blurred
And we still the dopest clique that you ever heard
We are the party animals, we bring the whole zoo
We turn the music up then we crush another brew
The beat's so bumping that it make you wanna dance
A flow so perfect the women lose they pants
I never trade this no I’m lovin’ all of it
If beer pong's a sport I'd get a full scholarship
Wunder Boys in the zone tonight
Yeah come through word this be the invite
For those who be slow and those can't flow
We the best in game for those who don't know
Kings of the booze who redefining wasted
Drinkin' in the kitchen and down in the basement
Picking off opponents like I'm a trained sniper
All circled up just rippin' drunk cyphers
We lovin' our youth and we lovin’ to party
Wait 'till you wakin’ up tattooed in sharpie
Wunder boys in the venue tonight
They got a good setup this place is my type
We check up the mic then they turn up the lights
We steppin’ on the stage and the crowd ignite
Got the beats bumping and the whole place jumping
And I got the bass thumping and the beer keg pumping
Now let me see everybody throw they hands in the air
Got the song playing so get up out yo chair
I'm glad you showin' up just no throwin' up
Yeah we ain't slowing up even when we blowin' up


from Rookie Of The Year, released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mitchell Lawler Edmonton, Alberta

20 year old Hip Hop artist bruh

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