The Spotlight

from by Mitchell Lawler

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin "Dunna" McDonough at Resonate Music School & Studio. Original is "The Spotlight" by Logic. Sampled from Justice. No copyright infringement intended, this for promotional uses only.


[Verse 1]
I never thought I'd ever live to see this day
The one where they show up for what I gotta say
I just came to play but now I'm here to stay
If you wanna keep your place you better get outta my way
They ask how I did it like I'm making it a mystery
I said I did the work and I came out with New History
I met up with the homies, dropped some new videos
We raked in some views and these kids think I made it though
I'm getting love now props from the vets
All the venues want me for they sets
I spit so sick that the crowd throwin' up
So now it looks like we the next blowin' up
And no I ain't sayin' that I done made it
For real though no I'm not close to famous
I gotta be a leader for my city and I know this
For now baby steps I'm finally noticed
Wanna be a big shine in the Limelight
Show them that I rhyme tight when the time's right
Sorry not sorry but I’m honest
It just comes down to how bad you want it

[Sampled Hook]
Under the spotlights
Neither black nor white
It doesn't matter
Do the dance (do the dance)
As strong as you might
Working day and night
Whatever happens
Do the dance (do the dance)

[Verse 2]
These peeps in the streets walk up and say hi
When a year ago they wouldn’t notice me then pass by
Some of these kids act like I’m a celebrity
They’re so amazed that they really standing next to me
When I wake up I got a busy phone
Buncha people pissed cause they got the dial tone
Got so much to do and it stacks up
Now my old friends mad cause we can’t catch up
They show love, no lie that I’m flattered
I think they forget I’m a dedicated rapper
And I'm only really known as a local
Now my great goal is gettin’ going global
Bring the dope flow get you out your seat
Gettin' mad daps for killin’ these beats
For me for my crew for them for you
What I spit is what I do better know that it's true

[Sampled Hook]

[Verse 3]
Rippin’ on a hot streak breathing’ heat when I speak
Shook that I’m nice when we meet and greet
When I charge for feats they say that it’s weak
But they have to understand that I still need to eat
Just wantin’ the DJ to spin my songs
Then get a mass of fans to bump along
Word, gotta enjoy the fruits of my labour
To say that I did it in the face of a hater
Wanna ride in a souped-up Benz
Rent out the club get bottles for my friends
Do it for fun but I wanna get paid for this
Meet models then forget what they name's is
Yeah I'm the "back up what you talk" type
When it's time to walk gonna see that I walk hype
Get up on stage and I show 'em that I rock nice
Gotta be amazing when I step up in the spotlight

[Sampled Hook]


from Rookie Of The Year, released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mitchell Lawler Edmonton, Alberta

20 year old Hip Hop artist bruh

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