Remember That Time

from by Mitchell Lawler

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin "Dunna" McDonough at Resonate Music School & Studio. Original is "Children Sing" by Pace Won and Mr.Green. No copyright infringement intended, this for promotional uses only.


[Verse 1]
Remember that time that you said that I couldn’t rhyme
That I’d never get some shine, never get a famous rapper’s co-sign
You said that my bars were useless that you couldn’t stand my music
That I’d never start a movement, tryna rap I was so stupid
If I was as bad as you said why not leave me be?
If you were that much better why waste the energy?
The worst part is that half of you were my friends
Slapped hands with me then dissed when I grabbed the pen
Yeah, well things do change
Hate me or love me yeah my city know my name
Looking back I bet you wish you guys never said it
Looking back I bet you know you never really meant it
So this verse is for the doubters, couldn’t have done it without ya
I love this music and this what I say about ya
You couldn’t slow me down, I never settle for number two
So if you were a doubter then this verse is for you

[Chorus x2]
I'm getting great, It's been forever
I'm getting things right in my life, I'm getting better
I'm giving something to feel, switch the weather
The fans all bumping me now, they're sending letters

[Verse 3]
Remember that time that you told me to chase my dream
Gotta get these fans to scream I gotta make that all star team
And that this life is what I make it so that I’m dream gonna chase it
This influence you created so reality I face it
It’s hard growing up knowin’ something’s missing
And these meals aren't the same without you eatin’ in the kitchen
Every night I’m still awake but I’m thinking about my past
Now I’m living every single day like it gonna be my last
Wish you’d come home and walk’ through the front door
You deserve to be with the fam you put on for
To this day it’s hard to understand that you’re gone
Wanna say I love you then drop it in this song
So this verse is for my father, the one who I call dad
Kenneth Lucas Lawler, couldn't make it to my grad
And these last 18 years you’ve shown me what to do
Dad I hope you hear this ‘cause this verse is for you

[Chorus x2]


from Rookie Of The Year, released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mitchell Lawler Edmonton, Alberta

20 year old Hip Hop artist bruh

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