Freaks and Geeks

from by Mitchell Lawler

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin "Dunna" McDonough at Resonate Music School & Studio. Original is "Freaks and Geeks" by Childish Gambino. No copyright infringement intended, this for promotional uses only.


[Verse 1]
I am writin' greatness and these kids can only scribble
I'm the centre of attention like I'm Malcolm in the Middle
I'm a flowin' yeah I flow in eatin' up yo best verse
Call your girl "Earl" the way she rock my "Sweatshirt"
I'm out here crappin' on opponents like I'm chucking some manure
The all knowing, throwing verbal backflips spitting parkour
Got 'em going ape shit and they screaming that I made it
And I'll face it but won't say shit 'till I matrix in a spaceship
Get off my back this track my Culdesac you kids so whack
And my flow so thick that I clog the game then kill it like a heart attack
Cause I'm the greatest indeed and it's guaranteed
That I chew 'em up then spit 'em out, sunflower seed
I got what you need, I leave you spun I get done
I'm rhymin' hotter than if Megan Fox was riding on the sun
Writin' songs for some fun so you could say I'm Childish
Not Glover though they tryna kiss me like I'm straight up Irish
Want some? Come get some, be warned that you won't get none
Small details these females I'm makin' whores from theses nuns
They used to be dissin' but they living in repentance
Now these bars be my life like a 25 year sentence ahh

[Verse 2]
I'm D.Rose meets Durant meets Rajon meets Lebron
Won't go me I'm Kobe meets big Shaq get dunked on
And I chill in the game like I brought some ice on the beat so nice cop head like lice
Been born for the life been born for the hype and you live once but I'll kill the game twice
Yeah you better take a seat
Cause they said I couldn't do it now they paying me for feats
And I'll rap all my life and even do it when I'm dead
Drop my mixtape off a building so it land on your head
Never cared about a hater no don't ever care what he say
Just know that I am greater cause you got my song on replay
I'm the one, minus triple six add double six seven
Walkin' through the pearly gates like how the hell am I in heaven?
Murk your city go Tokyo then Cloverfield
Then turn back to a laid back cat like my name was Garfield
Don't ever use utensils cause I'm eating rappers whole
No this ain't a survey but your girl sure take my pole
Yeah rappers my disciples my and fans are congregation
And we comin' through now so consider this invasion
I stay amazing assassinating all those who hating
They complanin' they so mad but look at who they facin'
North of the border got me igloo chillin'
And I got free health care so I always be illin'
Who's your favourite rapper? I better get picked quick
All my fans and haters run' it back like a pick 6
Hip Hop I revive then I take it for a test drive
Flow swervin' so much there's no way these haters will survive
And still so young but still my rhymes is leaving you delirious
I kill the game 2 fast while y'all stay 2 furious


from Rookie Of The Year, released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mitchell Lawler Edmonton, Alberta

20 year old Hip Hop artist bruh

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