April Showers

from by Mitchell Lawler

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin "Dunna" McDonough at Resonate Music School & Studio. Instrumental produced by Proleter. No copyright infringement intended, this for promotional uses only.


[Verse 1]
Gotta get a deal, gone grindin’ for hours
From the ground up like a bed of May Flowers
Rap so well so I got rhymin’ super powers
And we keep on going ‘till whole game ours
I’m droppin’ bombs ‘till I get a break through
These dumb dudes blow up and never stay true
Say they grind but they just waste the time
Then they chime like "woah dude I made it rhyme!”
No I'm not mad I'm just really confused like
They used left the game abused like
Bringing battered flows speaking out they nose
I superimpose all those who oppose
You whack, you mad, get back to the lab
So I’m ripping up your pad cause you rap like you rad
Too bad you not so I'm sticking out nice
It's all cool tho cause I'm all chill like

[Sampled Hook]
March winds and April showers
Make way for sweet May flowers
And then from june, a moon and you
March winds and April showers
Romance will soon be ours
And I'll go paradise for two

[Verse 2]
I never understood how they have time to be bored
If I’m not writing or performing then I record
You’ll always catch me working hard ‘cause it pays off
You’re always on vacation while I never take a day off
I’m the best customer that Staples ever had
Roll through buy all their pens and all their pads
People talkin’ trash cause I got ‘em so mad
It’s funny cause I’ve only done this since grad
I’m walking in the room now I’m feeling like a elephant
Getting strange looks ’cause I’m really a perfectionist
Really seem I’m the last of dying a breed
If you cut corners how you gonna succeed?
Everyone who love me yeah I wanna make ‘em proud
Rock a big show and see their faces in the crowd
Rap is who I am, taken over my life
I’m gonna propose and make Hip Hop my wife

[Sampled Hook]

[Verse 3]
Everyone say they the next up and coming
But they gotta broken flow like some really bad plumbing
Spit clever lines got the whole scene buzzing
And I just do me you can’t tell me nothing
Hip Hop my lover and boy do I love her
Committed to everything she helped me discover
Get out the way when we phrase we amaze
Now we got your gaze cause we dope for days
New style stays yeah I'm holding it down
And I'll do it till I'm dead still rocking my crown
Stay crowned and re known I brought a new sound
Found spitting knockouts in the first round
The word on the street is practice makes perfect
And the word on the beat well Lawler made it worth it
And I don’t care if you gotta be so hateful
Cause you still gonna see me next April

[Sampled Hook]


from Rookie Of The Year, released July 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Mitchell Lawler Edmonton, Alberta

20 year old Hip Hop artist bruh

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