Rookie Of The Year

by Mitchell Lawler

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This is the second mixtape released by Mitchell Lawler. Stirring up a large buzz online and in his local scene, Lawler is garnering a major hometown following that is pushing his presence to the next level. Expect big things for this talented 18 year old artist who's consistency is unparalleled.


released July 15, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin "Dunna" McDonough at Resonate Music School & Studio. No copyright infringement intended, this is for promotional uses only. Scratches on track 1 by Nato. Photography and editing by Aspen Zettel. Editing and concept by Thinkitem.



all rights reserved


Mitchell Lawler Edmonton, Alberta

20 year old Hip Hop artist bruh

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Track Name: Rookie Of The Year
[Verse 1]
Gettin’ educated in the whole damn culture
Every single pillar for the whole damn structure
From the graffiti and all of the street art
And all of the battles and all of the street smarts
And all of your scratchers and all of your samplers
And all of your dancers and all of your rappers
From the slang to the clothes that we wear
Talkin’ ‘bout hip hop know that I’m there
I gotta scholarship cause I never be a quitter
And I blow you off the Richter when you steppin to this mister
With mysterious magnitude topping these charts
Yeah Hip Hop university for Bachelor Of Arts
That's where it starts now where will go
Wherever I want I got a 4.0
With a major in flow and a major in lyrics
I should get my PhD then maybe you will hear it

[Scratching by Nato]

[Verse 2]
My heads in my books I’m a music no lifer
Rappin’ varsity I’m the highlight of the cypher
The head of the class ain’t nobody better
Steppin’ in the ring I’ll body bag the professor
Head of the ”rap cats” the fraternity
And I dead all these whack rats for eternity
At the start when I first joined they tried to haze me
But then I stepped on the mic and they couldn’t phase me
Hearing my name they demanding amazing
Rap up talent shows get a standing ovation
Scoutin’ up my poetry I’m gonna make the majors
Know that it’s me the first picked rhyme sayer
But to the game, they think I’m just a freshman
This Rookie Of The Year is about to teach a lesson
Watch while I cross words, sit back and listen
I'm Mitchell Lawler the piece the puzzle missin’

[Scratching by Nato]
Track Name: April Showers
[Verse 1]
Gotta get a deal, gone grindin’ for hours
From the ground up like a bed of May Flowers
Rap so well so I got rhymin’ super powers
And we keep on going ‘till whole game ours
I’m droppin’ bombs ‘till I get a break through
These dumb dudes blow up and never stay true
Say they grind but they just waste the time
Then they chime like "woah dude I made it rhyme!”
No I'm not mad I'm just really confused like
They used left the game abused like
Bringing battered flows speaking out they nose
I superimpose all those who oppose
You whack, you mad, get back to the lab
So I’m ripping up your pad cause you rap like you rad
Too bad you not so I'm sticking out nice
It's all cool tho cause I'm all chill like

[Sampled Hook]
March winds and April showers
Make way for sweet May flowers
And then from june, a moon and you
March winds and April showers
Romance will soon be ours
And I'll go paradise for two

[Verse 2]
I never understood how they have time to be bored
If I’m not writing or performing then I record
You’ll always catch me working hard ‘cause it pays off
You’re always on vacation while I never take a day off
I’m the best customer that Staples ever had
Roll through buy all their pens and all their pads
People talkin’ trash cause I got ‘em so mad
It’s funny cause I’ve only done this since grad
I’m walking in the room now I’m feeling like a elephant
Getting strange looks ’cause I’m really a perfectionist
Really seem I’m the last of dying a breed
If you cut corners how you gonna succeed?
Everyone who love me yeah I wanna make ‘em proud
Rock a big show and see their faces in the crowd
Rap is who I am, taken over my life
I’m gonna propose and make Hip Hop my wife

[Sampled Hook]

[Verse 3]
Everyone say they the next up and coming
But they gotta broken flow like some really bad plumbing
Spit clever lines got the whole scene buzzing
And I just do me you can’t tell me nothing
Hip Hop my lover and boy do I love her
Committed to everything she helped me discover
Get out the way when we phrase we amaze
Now we got your gaze cause we dope for days
New style stays yeah I'm holding it down
And I'll do it till I'm dead still rocking my crown
Stay crowned and re known I brought a new sound
Found spitting knockouts in the first round
The word on the street is practice makes perfect
And the word on the beat well Lawler made it worth it
And I don’t care if you gotta be so hateful
Cause you still gonna see me next April

[Sampled Hook]
Track Name: Remember That Time
[Verse 1]
Remember that time that you said that I couldn’t rhyme
That I’d never get some shine, never get a famous rapper’s co-sign
You said that my bars were useless that you couldn’t stand my music
That I’d never start a movement, tryna rap I was so stupid
If I was as bad as you said why not leave me be?
If you were that much better why waste the energy?
The worst part is that half of you were my friends
Slapped hands with me then dissed when I grabbed the pen
Yeah, well things do change
Hate me or love me yeah my city know my name
Looking back I bet you wish you guys never said it
Looking back I bet you know you never really meant it
So this verse is for the doubters, couldn’t have done it without ya
I love this music and this what I say about ya
You couldn’t slow me down, I never settle for number two
So if you were a doubter then this verse is for you

[Chorus x2]
I'm getting great, It's been forever
I'm getting things right in my life, I'm getting better
I'm giving something to feel, switch the weather
The fans all bumping me now, they're sending letters

[Verse 3]
Remember that time that you told me to chase my dream
Gotta get these fans to scream I gotta make that all star team
And that this life is what I make it so that I’m dream gonna chase it
This influence you created so reality I face it
It’s hard growing up knowin’ something’s missing
And these meals aren't the same without you eatin’ in the kitchen
Every night I’m still awake but I’m thinking about my past
Now I’m living every single day like it gonna be my last
Wish you’d come home and walk’ through the front door
You deserve to be with the fam you put on for
To this day it’s hard to understand that you’re gone
Wanna say I love you then drop it in this song
So this verse is for my father, the one who I call dad
Kenneth Lucas Lawler, couldn't make it to my grad
And these last 18 years you’ve shown me what to do
Dad I hope you hear this ‘cause this verse is for you

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Wünder Boys
Wunder Boys at the party tonight
Oh what a feelin', I'm feelin' nice
We downin' some shots then we on to beer pong
Then when you lose you hit the beer bong
Yeah here comes the liquor, it's overflowing dude
You better drink quicker or you're not getting screwed
Now you feelin' funny it's time to get rowdy
Oh so proudly we bumpin' so loudly
The party's gettin' crazy, we gettin' blacked out
I almost feel bad for the owner this house
Wunder boys at the table tonight
Yeah we flyin' high cause we brothers, Wright?
With one cup left and the shot looks tight
With the ball in my hand and I'm poised to strike
Do you think you're better? I'm the beer pong expert
I down 'em and hit these shots with no effort
Bounce shot drink two cups, don't face me
Don't make those stupid faces they just don't phase me
You didn't hit one cup, why go for redemption?
Looks like you're streaking nope, no exception
Wunder Boys yeah we drunk tonight
So pass another can of that Keystone Lite
Yo poke a hole here so we can shotgun
You with us now so for sure it's all fun
Who chugs the fastest? Who drinks the most?
I know this is beer but let's make a toast
Wunder Boys gettin' gone tonight
If drinkin' is a battle then I'm losing the fight
So much beer that my vision's all blurred
And we still the dopest clique that you ever heard
We are the party animals, we bring the whole zoo
We turn the music up then we crush another brew
The beat's so bumping that it make you wanna dance
A flow so perfect the women lose they pants
I never trade this no I’m lovin’ all of it
If beer pong's a sport I'd get a full scholarship
Wunder Boys in the zone tonight
Yeah come through word this be the invite
For those who be slow and those can't flow
We the best in game for those who don't know
Kings of the booze who redefining wasted
Drinkin' in the kitchen and down in the basement
Picking off opponents like I'm a trained sniper
All circled up just rippin' drunk cyphers
We lovin' our youth and we lovin’ to party
Wait 'till you wakin’ up tattooed in sharpie
Wunder boys in the venue tonight
They got a good setup this place is my type
We check up the mic then they turn up the lights
We steppin’ on the stage and the crowd ignite
Got the beats bumping and the whole place jumping
And I got the bass thumping and the beer keg pumping
Now let me see everybody throw they hands in the air
Got the song playing so get up out yo chair
I'm glad you showin' up just no throwin' up
Yeah we ain't slowing up even when we blowin' up
Track Name: Freaks and Geeks
[Verse 1]
I am writin' greatness and these kids can only scribble
I'm the centre of attention like I'm Malcolm in the Middle
I'm a flowin' yeah I flow in eatin' up yo best verse
Call your girl "Earl" the way she rock my "Sweatshirt"
I'm out here crappin' on opponents like I'm chucking some manure
The all knowing, throwing verbal backflips spitting parkour
Got 'em going ape shit and they screaming that I made it
And I'll face it but won't say shit 'till I matrix in a spaceship
Get off my back this track my Culdesac you kids so whack
And my flow so thick that I clog the game then kill it like a heart attack
Cause I'm the greatest indeed and it's guaranteed
That I chew 'em up then spit 'em out, sunflower seed
I got what you need, I leave you spun I get done
I'm rhymin' hotter than if Megan Fox was riding on the sun
Writin' songs for some fun so you could say I'm Childish
Not Glover though they tryna kiss me like I'm straight up Irish
Want some? Come get some, be warned that you won't get none
Small details these females I'm makin' whores from theses nuns
They used to be dissin' but they living in repentance
Now these bars be my life like a 25 year sentence ahh

[Verse 2]
I'm D.Rose meets Durant meets Rajon meets Lebron
Won't go me I'm Kobe meets big Shaq get dunked on
And I chill in the game like I brought some ice on the beat so nice cop head like lice
Been born for the life been born for the hype and you live once but I'll kill the game twice
Yeah you better take a seat
Cause they said I couldn't do it now they paying me for feats
And I'll rap all my life and even do it when I'm dead
Drop my mixtape off a building so it land on your head
Never cared about a hater no don't ever care what he say
Just know that I am greater cause you got my song on replay
I'm the one, minus triple six add double six seven
Walkin' through the pearly gates like how the hell am I in heaven?
Murk your city go Tokyo then Cloverfield
Then turn back to a laid back cat like my name was Garfield
Don't ever use utensils cause I'm eating rappers whole
No this ain't a survey but your girl sure take my pole
Yeah rappers my disciples my and fans are congregation
And we comin' through now so consider this invasion
I stay amazing assassinating all those who hating
They complanin' they so mad but look at who they facin'
North of the border got me igloo chillin'
And I got free health care so I always be illin'
Who's your favourite rapper? I better get picked quick
All my fans and haters run' it back like a pick 6
Hip Hop I revive then I take it for a test drive
Flow swervin' so much there's no way these haters will survive
And still so young but still my rhymes is leaving you delirious
I kill the game 2 fast while y'all stay 2 furious
Track Name: The Spotlight
[Verse 1]
I never thought I'd ever live to see this day
The one where they show up for what I gotta say
I just came to play but now I'm here to stay
If you wanna keep your place you better get outta my way
They ask how I did it like I'm making it a mystery
I said I did the work and I came out with New History
I met up with the homies, dropped some new videos
We raked in some views and these kids think I made it though
I'm getting love now props from the vets
All the venues want me for they sets
I spit so sick that the crowd throwin' up
So now it looks like we the next blowin' up
And no I ain't sayin' that I done made it
For real though no I'm not close to famous
I gotta be a leader for my city and I know this
For now baby steps I'm finally noticed
Wanna be a big shine in the Limelight
Show them that I rhyme tight when the time's right
Sorry not sorry but I’m honest
It just comes down to how bad you want it

[Sampled Hook]
Under the spotlights
Neither black nor white
It doesn't matter
Do the dance (do the dance)
As strong as you might
Working day and night
Whatever happens
Do the dance (do the dance)

[Verse 2]
These peeps in the streets walk up and say hi
When a year ago they wouldn’t notice me then pass by
Some of these kids act like I’m a celebrity
They’re so amazed that they really standing next to me
When I wake up I got a busy phone
Buncha people pissed cause they got the dial tone
Got so much to do and it stacks up
Now my old friends mad cause we can’t catch up
They show love, no lie that I’m flattered
I think they forget I’m a dedicated rapper
And I'm only really known as a local
Now my great goal is gettin’ going global
Bring the dope flow get you out your seat
Gettin' mad daps for killin’ these beats
For me for my crew for them for you
What I spit is what I do better know that it's true

[Sampled Hook]

[Verse 3]
Rippin’ on a hot streak breathing’ heat when I speak
Shook that I’m nice when we meet and greet
When I charge for feats they say that it’s weak
But they have to understand that I still need to eat
Just wantin’ the DJ to spin my songs
Then get a mass of fans to bump along
Word, gotta enjoy the fruits of my labour
To say that I did it in the face of a hater
Wanna ride in a souped-up Benz
Rent out the club get bottles for my friends
Do it for fun but I wanna get paid for this
Meet models then forget what they name's is
Yeah I'm the "back up what you talk" type
When it's time to walk gonna see that I walk hype
Get up on stage and I show 'em that I rock nice
Gotta be amazing when I step up in the spotlight

[Sampled Hook]